Great Flowering Landscape Trees

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Great Flowering Landscape Trees

Devoted entirely to the flowering trees most recommended for home and urban landscapes, this handy encyclopedia discusses the basics—horticultural terms, botanic names, hardiness zones, and native versus exotic species—as well as each tree’s unique characteristics, such as height, spread, flower color and size, flowering period, fruit, and seeds. Entries are supplemented with pertinent growing tips regarding pests and diseases, as well as the benefits of exceptional varieties and cultivars.

A second section discusses siting and caring for trees, including the importance of proper soil, nutrition, light, and pruning instructions. Special care is given to detail the process of integrated pest management, which uses natural and organic treatments when possible. The volume concludes with a glossary of terms, resources for finding trees, a list of public gardens worth visiting, and a selection of the author’s favorite trees.

Author: Vincent A. Simeone,
Publisher: Ball Publishing , 2007-07-01
ISBN: 188305253X, EAN: 9781883052539
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