Easy to Make Outdoor Structures

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Projects for Yard and Garden Living | What structure would make your garden perfect—a crowning touch like an arched gateway? A shady place to put a comfy chair? Or a shed for neatly storing your landscaping tools? Whatever practical or decorative feature it needs, this attractive collection has the perfect yard project. Best of all, they’re wonderfully doable for even the complete beginner, thanks to these instructive photographs, excellent plans, helpful sidebars, and easy-to-follow guidance. Introductory chapters cover every building basic, including materials, kits, permits, and good finishes for exteriors. Construct a gazebo for a luxurious retreat, an arbor or trellis that acts as both a “room” divider and plant trainer, a personal greenhouse for year-round gardening that’s a snap to create, and more!

Easy to Make Outdoor Structures: Projects for Yard and Garden Living

Publisher: Shady Oak Press , 2007-04-01
ISBN: 1581593147, EAN: 9781581593143
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