Plants: Iris ensata 'Asian Warrior' - Japanese Iris

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Iris ensata 'Asian Warrior' - Japanese Iris

Japanese Iris (Iris ensata - formerly Iris kaempferi) blooms are captivating and graceful. Their superior size and colors are worth the efforts of cultivation. Their blooms are often saucer-size or larger, colors of white, shades of blue and purple, red-violet and are often veined or marbled with a contrasting color.

Bloom time is late June to mid-July, depending upon daily temperature. Flowers may be single, semi-double or peony like. In their native habitat, these iris grow in wet or moist places, even rice paddies. However, here they need full sun, moderately moist, humus-rich soil, free of lime.

Hardiness Zone: 3-9.
Height: 30 - 35 Inches.
Light: Full Sun to Partial Shade.
Flowering Time: June to July.
Shipping Date: Starts in February.
Sized Shipped: Potted, No. 1 Size Divisions.

Publisher: Hirt's Gardens
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