Clematis for Everyone

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Clematis for Everyone

Clematis for Everyone brings you over 40 years' experience of the internationally renowned clematis expert, Raymond J. Evison. Throughout the book, he brings to life the secrets and pleasures of growing clematis. For the beginner, he takes the headache out of questions like 'where is the best position for my clematis?' and 'if, when and how should it be pruned?' For the adventurous, he encourages using clematis as companion plants, and explores the possibilities of growing them in containers for use on the patio, or in the conservatory.

For the enthusiast, he gives detailed cultural and climatic information for over 330 of the clematis species and cultivars available today. Helpful diagrams and colour photographs guide you throughout, and there is even a chapter addressing the growing of clematis in harsh northern climates. Clematis for Everyone is the indispensable reference book for everyone interested in exploring this fascinating group of plants.

Author: Raymond Evison,
Publisher: John Markham & Assocs , 2000-04-07
ISBN: 0903001705, EAN: 9780903001700
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