Rose and the Clematis

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Rose and the Clematis

Inspiration, Selection, and Practical Gudance | Author John Howells claims that the climbing rose and the clematis are natural planting companions; both have an urge to reach for the sky and the need for the same growing requirements (good, rich soil and a fair amount of water). The rose makes a softer, more beautiful support for the clematis vine than any trellis, and clematis offers a contrast that brings out the beauty of roses.

They share the same kind of enemies, so a treatment program for any pest will benefit both. They can also be grown together in pots or beds. Finally, each comes in an array of colors that complement the other--think of a yellow rose such as Golden Showers or Casino set off by the gorgeous purple of a Victoria clematis. Howells makes his case very convincingly with many gorgeous, full-color photographs.

Author: John Howells,
Publisher: Antique Collectors Club Dist A/C , 2007-01-25
ISBN: 1870673190, EAN: 9781870673198
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