Plants: Clematis 'General Sikorsky' - Clematis General Sikorsky

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Clematis 'General Sikorsky' - General Sikorsky Clematis Vine

This profuse bloomer produces huge 6-8" in diameter, dark lavender flowers with a tint of red in the center. Blooms from June to September. Flowers primarily from the previous year's stems in early summer, but there is also a second flush later in the summer on the new growth. To 8-10' tall. This winner of England's Royal Horticultural Society's Ward of Garden Merit was introduced by Brother Stefan Franczak in 1965 and was originally known as 'Jadwiga Teresa'.

There is an old saying with Clematis; "Tops in the sun and feet in the shade." In other words the vine blooms best in the sun and benefits from a cluster of small plants, planted around the base of the plant. Many people simply plant a ground cover like ivy, myrtle, or pachysandra around the plant to shade the base. Clematis does best in fertile, humus rich, well-drained soil. Mulch well with composted manure or compost. Feed once a month with a well balanced fertilizer during the growing season.

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