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Lilies: A Guide to Choosing and Growing Lilies

A Guide to Choosing and Growing Lilies | Lilies are among the most glamorous and exotic of plants, yet they are surprisingly easy to cultivate in a wide range of temperate climates -there is a lily perfect for almost every region in North America! The lily's increasing popularity as both a cut flower and a garden subject is well deserved, and this handsome volume combines the flower's unrivaled visual allure with a wealth of practical information on growing and gardening with these romantic garden favorites.

The book is organized into three main sections. The introduction examines the history of lilies and explores their versatility in the garden. The second section, "Choosing Lilies," is a photographic portrait gallery of over 100 different lilies, capturing their essential beauty and showcasing the vast range of flower forms and colors. The third section, "Growing Lilies," contains a wealth of practical information on planting, nurturing, and propagating lilies with clear, step-by-step photographs.

Author: Michael Jefferson-Brown,
Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications , 2004-03-18
ISBN: 0847825973, EAN: 9780847825974
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