Waterlilies and Lotuses

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Waterlilies and Lotuses: Species, Cultivars, and New Hybrids

Species, Cultivars, and New Hybrids | In this fully updated work, Perry Slocum describes nearly 500 species and cultivars of the crowning jewels of water gardens, the waterlilies and lotuses. This book includes more than 130 of the best new hybrids introduced since the landmark Water Gardening: Water Lilies and Lotuses by Perry Slocum and Peter Robinson was published. All species and the major cultivars, including day- and night-blooming tropical and hardy waterlilies and lotuses, are described along with the author's and hybridizers' comments on the best landscape uses for each plant. Although the genera Nymphaea and Nelumbo receive special emphasis, a chapter is also devoted to the other genera in the waterlily family, Nuphar, Victoria, Euryale, Barclaya, and Ondinea.

In addition to his achievements as a hybridizer, Slocum is an award-winning nature photographer. Waterlilies and Lotuses is illustrated with 350 stunning color photographs of these exotic beauties, with more than 100 photos published here for the first time. With information on hardiness, including maps for Europe and the United States, and an extensive list of suppliers of water gardening plants and equipment in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, Waterlilies and Lotuses is a truly definitive resource for water gardeners the world over.

Author: Perry D. Slocum,
Publisher: Timber Press, Incorporated 2005-02-01
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