Trees Of The Pacific Northwest

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Trees Of The Pacific Northwest

For wilderness travelers and backyard naturalists alike, the sheer number and variety of North American trees can make identification a daunting task. For those who have struggled to distinguish the Pacific Yew from the Redwood or the Quaking Aspen from the Fremont Cottonwood comes Trees of the U.S., a user-friendly series of field guides. Ingeniously organized to allow for easy reference, each book in the series offers complete coverage of a given region of the United States and includes detailed and accurate illustrations of each species. Best of all, these guides are compact and lightweight, making them easy to throw in a pack and take along on a hike or camping trip.

Author: George A. Petrides,
Publisher: Stackpole Books , 2005-02
ISBN: 0811731677, EAN: 9780811731676
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