Trees & Shrubs Trees & Shrubs
Ranging from A to Z, Botanica s pocket series presents more than 2,000 plant descriptions, each accompanied by brilliant color photographs. Every description includes tips on care and location, information on origins, planting and blooming times, forms of growth, frost hardiness and … | 05.03. 2008
Trees for All Seasons Trees for All Seasons
Broadleaved Evergreens for Temperate Climates | It s simple: broadleaved evergreens are trees that don t lose their leaves. And despite their versatility and beauty, they are often underused. Why? Most people, including knowledgeable gardeners, equate evergreens with conifers—and … | 04.02. 2010
Trees for Gardens Trees for Gardens
Trees for Gardens, Orchards, and Permaculture Are you wondering which productive trees to plant in your garden? Or are you planning a forest garden? Perhaps you are planting an orchard but want a greater diversity of useful trees than is typical? Or you’d like to know what unusual … | 27.09. 2016
Trees for the Garden Trees for the Garden
In Trees for the Garden, John Cushnie draws on a lifetime’s experience as a practical gardener, explaining the benefits of a tree in the garden, how to approach trees in garden design, and offering advice on choosing, planting, and caring for them. He suggests a huge variety of … | 22.09. 2016
Trees for the Small Garden Trees for the Small Garden
Much more than just another tree encyclopedia, Trees for the Small Garden is a careful selection of the 100 best trees for use in small temperate gardens. Each entry includes lavish photographs and clear information about growth rate, care requirements, and seasonal interest. An extensive … | 12.04. 2007
Trees Of The Pacific Northwest Trees Of The Pacific Northwest
For wilderness travelers and backyard naturalists alike, the sheer number and variety of North American trees can make identification a daunting task. For those who have struggled to distinguish the Pacific Yew from the Redwood or the Quaking Aspen from the Fremont Cottonwood comes … | 14.05. 2007