Red Hot Chilli Grower

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Red Hot Chilli Grower

Red Hot Chilli Grower: The complete guide to planting, picking and preserving chillies
From "Hungarian Hot Wax" to "Red Savina", and "Scotch Bonnet" to "Elephant's Trunk", chilis come in dozens of shapes, colors and degrees of spiciness - from sweet and succulent to blow-your-head-off hot.

Red Hot Chilli Grower provides everything you need to grow your own chilis from scratch, with step-by-step instructions for sowing seeds, caring for the plants, harvesting the fruit and troubleshooting common problems. Chili-lovers will also find plenty of background information, such as a short history of the chili and a guide to Scoville heat units (the official measurement of spicy heat), as well as tasty tips for enjoying the fruits of your work.

Packed with charts, checklists, photographs and illustrations, this is the perfect guide to the world of grow-your-own chilis.
Author: RHS
Publisher: Mitchell Beazley

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