The Landscape Lighting Book

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The Landscape Lighting Book

The Landscape Lighting Book, Second Edition shows you how to achieve a wide range of beautiful and dramatic lighting effects. You'll get expert guidance and advice on the theory, design process, project needs, and techniques of landscape lighting.

You'll find prizewinning projects designed by the author and other landscape lighting professionals throughout the United States. Plus, hundreds of diagrams, drawings, and black-and-white and full-color photographs illuminate topics and provide visually stunning insights into new and creative ways that lighting can transform landscapes. This fully updated edition covers the latest technologies and equipment and features new chapters on installation, documentation, and seasonal lighting. You'll also find:
Guidelines for preparing lighting drawings, control and transformer charts, symbol lists, and other technical specifications
Design strategies for avoiding potential conflicts between plantings and landscape lighting equipment
Accurate performance characteristics of all lighting materials, finishes, and fixtures
The best ways to locate fixtures, set appropriate light levels, and perform preventive system maintenance
The special lighting needs of plants in indoor environments
A complete listing of fixtures, controls, lamps, and accessories manufacturers and vendors

Whether you're seeking to sculpt a landscape with light or make an outdoor space useable at night, The Landscape Lighting Book, Second Edition shares all the technical and creative insights you'll need to beautify your landscaping projects and consistently win client approval.
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