The Kitchen Garden Grower's Guide

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The Kitchen Garden Grower's Guide

A practical vegetable and herb garden encyclopedia | A veritable encyclopedia
and easy how-to guide on all that is natural and necessary in the world of gardening and small fruit, vegetable, and herb preparation, in The Kitchen Garden Grower’s Guide: A practical vegetable and herb garden encyclopedia, Stephen Albert leaves no stone—collard green, leek, or potato—unearthed in this absolutely amazing field guide that greenhorns, old hands, weekend gardeners, and chefs should not be without.

From the soil to the plate, this manual is exceptionally penned and easy to follow. It provides answers to basic and in-depth growing questions. It includes how to plant, how to grow and care for crops, how to harvest, how to store, and how to prepare vegetables and herbs. From asparagus and beet greens to Belgian endive and strawberries, this book helps readers organize a small garden close to the kitchen that offers their favorite, fresh-picked-at-the-peak-of-ripeness small crop—and the template on how to orchestrate the effort.

Author: Stephen Albert,
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing , 2008-11-17
ISBN: 1419655795, EAN: 9781419655791
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