Houseplants From A to Z

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Houseplants From A to Z (Compass Guides)

This heavily illustrated handbook shows and tells plant lovers virtually everything they need to know in order to maintain house plants that bring life and color to indoor spaces. Here are single-page profiles of approximately 200 house plants, some especially desirable for their beautiful and often unusual foliage, and others for their resplendent flowers. Each profile includes a vivid color photo, information on potting, watering, feeding, required sunlight, fertilizing, pruning, and propagating. Plants are identified by both their botanical and common names. Here are palms, flax, cacti, ferns, large- and small-leaf plants, flowering plants, and many others.

The book's opening chapter discusses plants natural outdoor environments, and gives tips on replicating similar conditions inside the house. The book's final chapter suggests handsome arrangements of different plants to enhance every room in the home. More than 200 color photos.

Author: Karin Greiner, Angelika Weber,
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series , 2007-09-01
ISBN: 0764137166, EAN: 9780764137167

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