Balcony & Container Plants

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Balcony & Container Plants (Compass Guides)

Garden lovers who have limited growing space can still embellish their surroundings with attractive flowers and greenery and this book shows them how. Plants that are especially suitable for growing in tubs, boxes, and hanging planters are profiled in alphabetical order and beautifully illustrated with full-color photos.

This practical handbook provides gardening advice and information in three sections, each concentrating on a specific plant type:
  • Balcony flowers
  • Container plants
  • Fruits, vegetables, and herbs

    Readers will find details on the characteristics of different plant groups, as well as advice on which plants need direct sunlight and which thrive in shady areas. They will also find general advice on pruning, propagating, soil types, plant feeding, and much more. Like all titles in Barron's Compass Guides series, Balcony & Container Plants features color-keyed page edges for quick reference to the book's main sections. More than 200 color photos.

    Author: Joachim Mayer,
    Publisher: Barron's Educational Series , 2007-02-01
    ISBN: 0764135260, EAN: 9780764135262
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