Tending Your Garden

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Tending Your Garden: A Year-Round Guide to Garden Maintenance

A Year-Round Guide to Garden Maintenance | How to keep any garden looking its best, through the seasons and through the years.

Gardening is the primary recreational activity of Americans. Since the 1980s, when gardening caught fire as a national passion, we have spent billions of dollars on what we grow for our own pleasure; and in all that time, not one book has been published on the broad subject of garden maintenance.

For twenty-five years, the Haywards, expert horticultural consultants and authors of many books and articles, have been tending their own garden in Vermont. Here, beautiful photographs illustrate how and what the Haywards do in their garden from earliest spring until snowfall: pruning trees and shrubs; planting, staking, and dividing perennials; and edging, deadheading, and weeding. They also include many tips for reducing maintenance. Their advice can be put to work in the reader's garden, regardless of size or location. Line drawings by Elayne Sears give more details on specific techniques. Anecdotal, encouraging, and crammed with information, this is a gorgeous treatment of a very practical subject. 237 photographs, 16 drawings.

Author: Gordon Hayward, Mary Hayward,
Publisher: W. W. Norton , 2007-02-26
ISBN: 0393059049, EAN: 9780393059045
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