Trimmer 323L

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Trimmer 323L

Husqvarna's lightest trimmer! Only 8.8 lb. while providing 24.5cc of power. Extensive reach and angled front loop handle prove a more effective and comfortable working position.

This is an especially light and versatile trimmer with a straight shaft and bevel gear. The long reach and loop handle make it easy to turn and use the trimmer in different angles for trimming grass edges, for example. An accessory harness can be attached for longer work shifts in parks and gardens.

Not available for sale in California.

24.5 cc engine, 1.0 hp. 9000 rpm's. Zama C1Q carburator. 1:1.46 gear ratio. 8.8 pounds. 1 pint fuel
tank. Air purge for easy starting. Hard chromium-plated cylinder bore provides increased durability.
Wrought connecting rod and three piece crankshaft for

Publisher: HUSQVARNA
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