Easy Flowers

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Easy Flowers

Florist Jane Durbridge and writer Antonia Swinson bring you elegantly modern, unfussy arrangements to enjoy every day--from a touch of colour to brighten a desk to suggestions for stylish entertaining and floral gifts. "Easy Flowers" are affordable, stylish, and quick to put together. The emphasis is on striking use of form and colour rather than on costly blooms or time-consuming bouquets. Flower Basics tells you how to buy, care for, and prolong the life of your flowers, and gives invaluable advice on choosing vases and flower-arranging. Next, more beautifully simple ideas are grouped into Colour Themes. *Whether you favour classic white blooms or shocking pink petals, you'll find stylish ways to display them in "Easy Flowers". *over 27,000 copies sold in hardcover.

Author: Jane Durbridge, Antonia Swinson,
Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small , 2007-04
ISBN: 1845974042, EAN: 9781845974046
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