Cacti and Succulents

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Cacti and Succulents: A Complete Guide to Species, Cultivation and Care

A Complete Guide to Species, Cultivation and Care | Readers will learn about more than 50 species of cacti and more than 10 families of succulents, including their ideal locations, natural habitats, and care and feeding needs, in this complete guide to these captivating plants. Beautiful specimen plants from six garden collections the world over, from Zurich to Phoenix, are detailed in full. Complete descriptions, including color photographs, will help readers identify their plants, and detailed care instructions will help them make sure that their plants thrive—whether they are being grown indoors or outside, in the city or in the country.

Author: Gideon F. Smith,
Publisher: Ball Publishing , 2007-04-01
ISBN: 1883052556, EAN: 9781883052553
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