Turfgrass Management

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Turfgrass Management

Rich with illustrations, Turfgrass Management, 8e is regarded for its thorough coverage of turfgrass science and technology. While covering the important features of turfgrass systems, interactions, and management, this book attempts to unlock some of the mysteries of turf and establish the role of cultural interventions in achieving specific objectives. Among its many updates, this edition features an expanded treatment of turfgrass physiology and biochemistry; more on improving environmental stress tolerance; new methods for alleviating soil compaction and improving drainage; and a section on spring transitions.

New! Expanded treatment of hormones such as: brassinosteroids, jasmonic acid, and salicylic acid. References the most recent research regarding the effects of endogenous applications of these materials on turfgrass growth and stress tolerance. New! A section on “grow lights” is now included. Shows how the innovative use of grow lights extends the photoperiod on summer-stressed turfs such as stadiums and golf courses. New! A description of a subsurface aeration system is now included. Shows how to improve drainage by using a suction pump attached to drain pipes, and how to modify root zone temperature by pumping air through drain pipes. Golf course superintendents, professional lawn care specialists, and other related professionals.

Author: A. J. Turgeon,
Publisher: Prentice Hall , 2007-05-11
ISBN: 0132236168, EAN: 9780132236164
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