Gardening With Ferns

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Gardening With Ferns

Guidance for a variety of fern projects | Comprehensive A-Z section covering the most garden-worthy species | Written by a leading authority in the world of ferns The variety of fern species available today has made them an integral part of garden design. This book will inspire amateur gardeners and enthusiasts to undertake more in-depth garden projects utilizing ferns, from including them in a mixed border, creating a natural dry-stone habitat, and bringing the Antipodean rainforest to the doorstep.

Beautiful artistic impressions of the completed projects and a selection of stunning photographs provide a fascinating insight into what can be achieved by correct planting. The comprehensive A-Z listing of ferns, presented by botanical names, contains further information on selecting the right plant for anyone's garden scheme.

Author: Martin Rickard,
Publisher: Horticulture Books , 2005-11-01
ISBN: 155870762X, EAN: 9781558707627
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