The Essential Garden Maintenance

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The Essential Garden Maintenance

The Essential Garden Maintenance Workbook takes over where Rosemary Alexander's first book leaves off. With the newly designed garden in place how do you manage the work in a garden and keep it looking good year in and year out? How do you prune, look after your soil and keep spring bulb plantings looking good? Is it possible to move a plant and how do you cope with weeds, pests, and diseases? Which plants are top performers and which are best for particular functions like internal and external boundaries, focal points, disguising eyesores and providing year-round interest? With its hand-holding, workbook approach Essential Garden Maintenance Workbook is the next best thing to having a daily training session with expert gardener, Rosemary Alexander. It allows gardeners at all levels to confidently tackle garden maintenance jobs, develop new skills, and make a success of their gardens however stretched for time.

Author: Rosemary Alexander,
Publisher: Timber Press, Incorporated 2006-06-01
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