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Hippeastrum: The Gardener's Amaryllis

The Gardener's Amaryllis (Royal Horticultural Society/Timber Press Plant Collectors Guides Series) | The hybrids of Hippeastrum, also known by gardeners as amaryllis, have long been popular indoor plants, their flamboyant blooms bringing cheer during the dark winter months. Published in association with the Royal Horticultural Society as part of our Plant Collector Guide series, this book for gardeners describes the astonishing range of hybrids now available and explains how to get the best results from these rewarding plants. A wealth of practical advice accompanies the plant descriptions, including a specially formulated growing medium used by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, an effective "hot water treatment" for pests, and essential advice on feeding, watering, and lighting.

Author: Veronica M. Read,
Publisher: Timber Press, Incorporated 2004-03-01
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