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Plants: Prunus domestica 'Stanley' - plum tree

Posted by havlis 05.03. 2008 12:38:40 (60992 readers)
Prunus domestica 'Stanley' - plum tree

Prunus domestica 'Stanley' - plum tree

Stanley is one of the most tasteful and reliable varieties of plums. The fruit is sweet and juicy, though firm. Flesh is orange-yellow, skin is smooth, deep violet-blue. The fruit is excellent fresh as well as canned, high sugar content makes them ideal for drying.

It blooms late in the spring and is mostly self-fertile, though it benefits from a pollinator nearby. However, even on its own crops sufficiently. The fruit ripens at the end of September.

This variety comes from the USA. It has proved crop reliable and very hardy. It even does better in areas with cold and wet spring. Plum trees are taller than for example peach trees but can easily be kept smaller, to some 3m by pruning. Fully hardy to -34°C (USDA zone 4).
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