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Actaea Racemosa - Black Cohosh Plants / Perennials

Actaea Racemosa - Black Cohosh

Fairy Candles, Black Cohosh, Bugbane - Actaea Racemosa This North American native originates from the eastern part of the US. It is no great surprise that is has been honored with the Royal Horticultural Society s Award of Garden Merit as the elongated bottle-brush spires borne on tall stems in late …

Brugmansia and Datura Other / Books

Brugmansia and Datura: Angel's Trumpets and Thorn Apples

Angel s Trumpets and Thorn Apples | Stately Angel s Trumpets -- Brugmansia -- are spectacular plants, growing like small trees and living for several years. Datura, sometimes called Thorn Apples, are mostly annuals and are cultivated like summer flowers. The impressive bell flowers of both varieties …