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Aeschynanthus radicans - Lipstick Plant Plants / Climber Plants

Aeschynanthus radicans - Lipstick Plant

Related to African violets and gloxinias, lipstick plants are members of the gesneriad family. It s easy to see the reason for their common name since the lobed red flowers emerging from a maroon sheath do resemble lipsticks in tubes. Natives of the West Indies, the plants grow as epiphytes in the wild, …

Vanilla planifolia - Vanilla Orchid Plants / Tropical and Subtropical Plants

Vanilla planifolia - Vanilla Orchid

Native almost to the tropics the range includes Mexico, Central America, West Indies, and Northern South America. The genus vanilla produces the world s most popular spice, a climbing member of the orchid family, the vanilla orchid is both terrestial and epiphytic, it grows in soil and other plants sending …