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Wisteria sinensis 'Alba' - Chinese wisteria Plants / Climber Plants

Wisteria sinensis 'Alba' - Chinese wisteria

Chinese wisteria is no doubt the queen of flowering climbers. Alba variety bears clusters of very fragrant, pure white flowers that are 25-35 cm long and appear on bare wood earlier than on other wisterias, usually in April. Rather exotic looking pinnate leaves are mid green and densely cover the plant …

Better Homes and Gardens Home Designer Deluxe Other / Software, DVD

Better Homes and Gardens Home Designer Deluxe

Better Homes and Gardens Home Designer Deluxe provides an incredible set of tools for Home Design, Remodeling, Interior Design, Decks, Landscaping, Site Planning and Cost Estimating. Quickly place and arrange walls, windows, doors, and cabinets, choose colors, place furniture, create decks and landscaping. …

Caring for Clematis (1) Plants / Climber Plants

Clematis Bee´s Jubilee

Clematis are popular vines that belong to the Ranunculaceae family of plants. Clematis are primarily grown to add vertical interest to a garden with their colourful flowers, fascinating seed heads and attractive deciduous or evergreen foliage. Several hundred different species and cultivars are available …