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Peter Fudge Gardens

For anyone wanting to improve their outdoor space, whether professional landscaper or new homeowner, this guide will provide inspiration and advice on a variety of modern garden design techniques. From tiny urban courtyards to sprawling country properties, award-winning designer Peter Fudge shares his …

Fern Grower's Manual Other / Books

Fern Grower's Manual

Ferns have graced our planet for hundreds of millions of years. With about 12,000 named species of ferns worldwide, the variety to be found among them is staggering in its array of forms, textures, and even colors. From towering tree ferns to tiny water clovers, ferns and fern allies offer a wide range …

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Landscapes for Small Spaces: Japanese Countryard Gardens

Japanese Countryard Gardens | Enjoy it for its sheer beauty or use it for inspiration while creating your own small landscape garden. Japanese gardening is the art of arranging plants, rocks, lanterns, and basins in an open or, as here, an enclosed space. According to the aesthetic principles long prevailing …