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Panicum virgatum 'Prairie Sky' - switchgrass Plants / Grass, Grasses

Panicum virgatum 'Prairie Sky' - switchgrass

Switchgrass comes from Canada and USA and its variety “Prairie Sky” offers the bluest possible version of it. Erect leaves tend to arch in its last third. Beginning of autumn it produces long spikes of broad, weeping panicles of tiny flowers. It is best grown in sunny and warm areas, in well-drained …

Ailanthus altissima - tree of heaven Plants / Deciduous Shrubs

Ailanthus altissima - tree of heaven

Tree of heaven is a beautiful name for an extraordinary plant. It comes from China but is completely hardy in our climate. It is a tall tree suitable for large garden, parks or as a street tree. It is grown for unusually big leaves that can be half a meter long. The are compound of upto 30 individual, …

Agapanthus 'Jack's Blue' - African blue lily Plants / Bulbs

Agapanthus 'Jack's Blue' - African blue lily

African blue lily is one of the most attractive summer plants. This perennial is from southern Africa where less hardy species are grown. We are very lucky to have good breeders here in Europe. They made several hybrids most of which have not only nicer flowers but are hardier than the species and can …