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Perennial Garden Plants Other / Books

Perennial Garden Plants

Over 2,000 species are described and practical information is geven on planting, seasonal flowering, color, propagation and cultivation as well as on the origins of plants. …

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Buddlejas (Royal Horticultural Society Plant Collector Guide)

Royal Horticultural Society Plant Collector Guide | This authoritative book provides the first comprehensive coverage of the popular and varied genus Buddleja. Buddlejas are wonderful garden plants whose tolerance of drought, many soil conditions, and common pests ensures them a place in every garden. …

Acer palmatum 'Atrolineare' - Japanese Maple Plants / Trees and Shrubs

Acer palmatum 'Atrolineare' - Japanese Maple

Small, slow, narrow tree whose deeply divided leaves appear string-like. New growth is purple-red. Autumn colors are usually a good yellow. Growth habit is upright, opposed to the dome topped cultivars Red Pigmy and Villa Taranto. Exquisite and unique form of the Japanese Maple. …