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How to Propagate: Techniques and Tips for Over 1000 Plants

Techniques and Tips for Over 1000 Plants | Almost all modern home gardeners run to a nursery at the start of every new growing season and stock up on perennials, maple saplings, and shrubs—but they don t have to. Propagating one’s own plants is far from a difficult gardening feat, and it can be an …

Buddleja x weyeriana 'Honeycomb' - Butterfly Bush Plants / Deciduous Shrubs

Buddleja x weyeriana 'Honeycomb' - Butterfly Bush

Honeycomb Butterfly Bush - Buddleia x weyeriana Family: Loganiacead (Buddle-ia: after Adam Buddle, English botanist) They re fragrant, colorful and they attract butterflies. Bold, long blooming flowers. Treat them like a perennial in the north; cut them back heavily in the spring for better flowering. …

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Fences, Gates, and Bridges: And How to Build Them

“The author, George A. Martin, knows his subject, not only fence building but the farm and its requirements. He knows the stock: the unconfinable pig, the dexterous cow. He knows his materials, especially wood. I count twenty-one species of tree in the text, each especially suited for a particular …