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Ancient Herbs

The forty plants in this book present both herbs and other plants that were important for culinary, medicinal, and cult purposes in classical antiquity. Thus olive and pomegranate, myrtle and rose join coriander and marjoram, garlic and thyme. In the introduction, the author draws on her extensive knowledge …

Saintpaulia 'EverSpecial' - African Violet Plants / Perennials

African Violet

Everfloris African Violets or Space Babies are one of the Newest and most popular series by Optimara: Continuously Blooming! The EverFloris is the first continuously blooming African Violet whch has beautiful wazy leaves and the flowers all have a stunning white-greenish edge. They re out of this world! …

Drosera adelae - Lance-Leafed Sundew Plants / Other

Drosera adelae - Lance-Leafed Sundew

Drosera adelae (Lace-Leaf Australian Sundew Origin: Australia The tiny paddle-like hairy leaves are covered with drops of sticky goo, which trap insects that are attracted to the plant. In summer the sundews are topped with thin spikes holding small pink flowers. Sundews are winter hardy in most of the …