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Orchids for Dummies Other / Books

Orchids for Dummies

Packed with photos, including 8 pages in full color. Color your world with orchids. Orchids are beautiful, fragrant, wonderfully varied, and surprisingly affordable. But aren t they hard to grow at home? No! says orchid grower extraordinaire Steve Frowine. In this handy guide, he shows you step by step …

Complete Guide to Native Orchids of Australia Other / Books

Complete Guide to Native Orchids of Australia: Including the Island Territories

In this spectacular and comprehensive book, orchid expert David Jones describes more than 1,300 species and subspecies of Australian native orchids. Almost every species is illustrated with a beautiful color photograph, and the detailed species descriptions include information about every part of the …

Orchids to Know and Grow Other / Books

Orchids to Know and Grow

Orchids are easy to grow, but one doesn t grow orchids like a rose, a cactus, or an African violet; one grows an orchid like an orchid! This book debunks some of the hard-to-grow myths, gives cultural information, and does so in easy-to-understand language. --Robert J. Ferry, research associate, Marie …