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Cypripedium acaule - Stemless Lady's Slipper Plants / Perennials

Cypripedium acaule - Stemless Lady's Slipper

Pink Lady Slipper Orchids grow best in an acid soil, high in organic matter. However, in some areas they can be found growing in sandy soils. It is advisable to purchase a soil pH tester or kit to make sure the pH is between 3.5 and 5.0 before planting the pips. …

Great Flowering Landscape Shrubs Other / Books

Great Flowering Landscape Shrubs

Their Identification, Ornamental Characteristics, Culture, Propagation and Uses | With stunning color photos throughout, this gardening guide describes more than 50 types of the best flowering shrubs and details their use in home landscaping. Shrubs are arranged by genus, separated into deciduous flowering …