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Michelia champaca - Yellow Jade Orchid Tree Plants / Other

Michelia champaca - Yellow Jade Orchid Tree

Also known as Huang Yu Lan. It is the oil of this michelia that is the essence of JOY, the world s most expensive perfume. It can grow from a trunk of 16 inch into a giant tree over 30 feet. On the tip of every branch, flowers blossom all year round with yellow-orange petals, diffusing delicate fragrance …

Azalea japonica 'Snow' - Japanese azalea Plants / Deciduous Shrubs

Azalea japonica 'Snow' - Japanese azalea

Japanese azaleas are very popular features of our gardens. In their home climate they grow to relatively substantial shrubs, as opposed to limited sizes in our continental, dry climate. Azaleas are very floriferous, maintenance-free shrubs that bloom from end April until end May. Snow is a pure white …

Caring for Clematis (1) Plants / Climber Plants

Clematis Bee´s Jubilee

Clematis are popular vines that belong to the Ranunculaceae family of plants. Clematis are primarily grown to add vertical interest to a garden with their colourful flowers, fascinating seed heads and attractive deciduous or evergreen foliage. Several hundred different species and cultivars are available …