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The Impatient Gardener Other / Books

The Impatient Gardener

Do you wonder why your lawn is brown? Do you love flowers, but think you cant afford to grow them? Do you think producing your own vegetables would take a miracle? Well stop worrying! Jerry Baker, Americas master gardener, understands all your hopes dreams and fears about your garden. And in the pages …

Begonias Other / Books


Mike Stevens presents a complete and readable guide to one of the most popular flowering plant choices: begonias. The Begoniaceae has as many as 1,000 known and identified species plus countless hundreds of hybrids. …

What's Wrong with My Plant? Other / Books

What's Wrong with My Plant?: Expert Information at Your Fingertips

Expert Information at Your Fingertips (Pyramid Paperbacks) | Whatever’s ailing your plant—from slugs and bugs to molds, rots, and wilts—this guide has the cure. Written by an award-winning garden writer, it helps you get to the root of the problem with expert diagnostic advice, and offers quick …