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Panax ginseng - Asian ginseng Plants / Other

Panax ginseng - Asian ginseng

Korean Ginseng is part of the Araliaceae family and is also known as Panax, Asian, or Chinese ginseng. It is the original ginseng, and is the one revered most by the Chinese. It is very rare in the wild, and most sold today is cultivated commercially. Peeled roots are steamed before drying, and produce …

Magnolia 'Goldstar' - Goldstar magnolia Plants / Deciduous Shrubs

Magnolia 'Goldstar' - Goldstar magnolia

Another rare magnolia is this cross between magnolia acuminata var. subcordata “Miss Honeybee” and magnolia stellata. It gained flower shape fro stellata and colour from acuminate. Goldstar has medium sized flowers with 14 narrow petals, very similar to star-shaped magnolias. The colour is a delicate …