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Spathiphyllum lynise - Peace Lily Plants / Perennials

Spathiphyllum lynise - Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum the genus name means, literally, leaf spathe, with spathe defined as A large bract or pair of bracts sheathing a flower cluster, as a spadix. You re likely to know it as Peace Lily. Its widespread interior use is due to its exceptional acclimation to low light conditions. There are approximately …

Cyperus alternifolia - Umbrella Plants Plants / Perennials

Cyperus alternifolia - Umbrella Plants

Umbrella plant is a close cousin of the papyrus plant of ancient Egypt, which it resembles. Like papyrus, it also forms clumps in wet and boggy areas, although it will thrive in drier situations as well. Also like papyrus, all the leaves are arranged atop triangular stems. But while papyrus has 12 wiry …

Nepenthes ventricosa - Nepenthes Plants / Houseplants

Nepenthes ventricosa - Nepenthes

One of the best and easiest species to start with, this plant produces pink/red traps with a narrow waist and is exceptionally easy to grow. Distribution: Philippines. Nepenthes are commonly known as pitcher plants or monkey cups as the tips of some leaves form jug like structures which hold a digestive …