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Salvia superba 'Violet Queen' - Meadow Sage 'Violet Queen' Plants / Perennials

Salvia superba 'Violet Queen' - Meadow Sage 'Violet Queen'

This perennial tolerates drought and blazing sun! Thin, Brilliant Violet Spikes Form a Solid Wall of Color! 12-inch dwarf plant blooms in early summer, then repeats! Masses of pencil-thin, vibrantly colorful bloomspikes arise on this perennial Sage, so densely set that they present a solid wall of color …

Gypsophila paniculata - Baby's Breath Plants / Perennials

Gypsophila paniculata - Baby's Breath

Not just for bouquets--Baby s Breath is stunning in the garden, too! A Cloud of Snowy White! Long-lived and easy to care for, these plants greet summer with thousands of blooms! A permanent, gloriously beautiful source of white blooms for enjoying in the garden and the vase! Each no bigger than a pencil …

Iris pseudacorus x 'Berlin Tiger' - Yellow Flag Plants / Bulbs

Berlin Tiger Iris - Loves to Get It's Feet Wet

Berlin Tiger is a tall, vigorous Iris, reaching fully 3 feet high but just about a foot wide. It loves damp and even wet soils, but once established can even tolerate short periods of drought. And if you are fortunate enough to have no boggy or poorly-draining soil, simply give this Iris a bit more …