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Aconitum napellus - monkshood Plants / Perennials

Aconitum napellus - monkshood

Monkshood is a showy perennial flowering in summer. The flowers are indigo blue, formed in erect racemes on stems that can be 1.5 tall. Individual flowers open up from July and continue as the stems grow taller until end August. Leaves are deeply lobed, almost dissected, mid green, very ornamental. A …

Festuca gautieri - bearskin fescue Plants / Grass, Grasses

Festuca gautieri - bearskin fescue

Bearskin fescue or spiky fescue is a lovely perennial with bright green, narrowly linear, inward inrolled leaves that look spiky but are very soft and nice to touch indeed. The plant naturally forms small mounds and spreads very slowly. Its name bearskin fescue may sound just right if you imagine a bear …