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Clematis - An Essential Guide

Clematis are loved for the abundance and color of their blooms but are not so well known for their versatility. Although they are typically and successfully used as climbers, they can be grown almost anywhere under most conditions. This essential guide introduces the genus in all its glory to the novice …

x Cornus 'KN30-8' VENUS® - dogwood Plants / Deciduous Shrubs

x Cornus 'KN30-8' VENUS® - dogwood

This dogwood comes from an interspecific hybridization of Japanese dogwood and cornus nuttallii. Dr. Elwin R.Orton from the Rutgers University of New Jersey, USA was the man behind this work that began in 1983 and 20 years later he was able to have his superb plant patented under patent number PP16309. …

x Cornus 'Rutgan®' - STELLAR PINK® dogwood Plants / Deciduous Shrubs

x Cornus 'Rutgan®' - STELLAR PINK® dogwood

STELLAR PINK® | Stellar Pink® is another beautiful cross coming from hybridization of flowering dogwood and Japanese dogwood. It was the answer to the so-called dogwood decline in the USA caused by the anthracnose epidemic in the last decades of 20th century. This variety, same as a number of others, …