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Home Gardener's Bonsai

Home Gardener s Bonsai: Buying, Planting, Displaying, Improving and Caring for Bonsai (Specialist Guide) Home Gardener s Bonsai is the essential guide to the art and craft of growing bonsai in the garden or in the house. With topics ranging from watering and feeding to spirit and aesthetics, it provides …

Abies koreana 'Oberon' - dwarf Korean fir Plants / Conifers

Abies koreana 'Oberon' - dwarf Korean fir

Oberon is a cushion-like, dwarf variety of Korean fir. It grows slowly into a low, mounding shrub that is only about 30-40 cm tall and 40-60 cm wide in 15 years. Its evergreen needles are short, glossy, deep green with silvery underneath, and grow densely 360° around the branches. Oberon Korean fir …

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Hot Plants for Cool Climates: Gardening with Tropical Plants in Temperate Zones

Gardening with Tropical Plants in Temperate Zones | The most exciting new trend in garden design is the lush look of the tropics -- no matter where you live! If, like so many gardeners, you re a little bored with pastel flowers and rigid borders, welcome to the jungly garden, where the plants have huge …