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Iris ensata - Japanese Water Iris Plants / Bulbs

Iris ensata - Japanese Water Iris

Japanese iris (Iris ensata or kaempferi) have the largest flowers of all irises, some being about 30cm across. They have been bred for over 200 years in Japan and also during the last century in the USA. So today, there is a range of flower shapes and patterns, as well as a range of colours. The foliage …

Iris ensata 'August Emperor' - Japanese Water Iris Plants / Bulbs

August Emperor Japanese Iris

The last of the Irises to bloom and, oh, what a finale! These large showy Irises put on a breath-taking display with exotic flowers and blue-green, sword-like foliage. The centre of attention in early summer! Royal purple flowers with handsome blue-toned edges and golden highlights. An elegant key-note …