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Helleborus orientalis 'Blue Lady' - Blue Lady Lenten Rose Plants / Perennials

Helleborus orientalis 'Blue Lady'

Stories about Lenten Roses are countless. In medieval times, it was considered a weapon against witches, madness and evil spirits. Lenten Roses deserve a place in every garden, not only because of their supposed power, but because they bloom for a long time, early in winter, when the weather is cool …

Helleborus 'Mrs. Betty Ranicar' - Hellebore Plants / Perennials

Helleborus 'Mrs. Betty Ranicar' - Hellebore

Helleborus Mrs Betty Ranicar is named after a fine Tasmanian plantswoman, and is an orientalis hybrid that produces crowds of fantastic, heavily double, snowy white blooms that will be a delight amongst vivid spring bulbs in the shady border. Be one of the first to grow such a top quality double Helleborus …

Helleborus orientalis 'Yellow Lady' - Lenten Rose Plants / Perennials

Helleborus orientalis 'Yellow Lady' - Lenten Rose

Hellebores, also known as Lenten or Christmas Roses, are unusual perennial plants in that they bloom in late winter. They are one of the first perennials to bloom. The leathery leaves are evergreen and the single flowers are about 3 across. The flowering period can be up to 3 months. Hellebores prefer …