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Ceanothus x 'Blue Sapphire' - blueblossom Plants / Evergreen Shrubs

Ceanothus x 'Blue Sapphire' - blueblossom

Californian blue lilac | This Californian lilac is an outstanding introduction from New Zealand. In the warmer days of late spring it blooms with profusion of dense panicles of deep blue flowers. Leaves are short, obovate, dark green with reddish brown tint. Branches are chocolate brown, fragile and …

Campsis grandiflora - Chinese trumpet creeper Plants / Climber Plants

Campsis grandiflora - Chinese trumpet creeper

Probably the most eye-catching version of trumpet creepers is this Chinese one. As a fast growing vine it can soon cover walls, gazebos or fences. The flowers are large: 7-9 cm wide, salmon pink with a clear yellow throat. The buds form a raceme that blooms from July till frosts. …