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Echinops ritro - Globe Thistle Plants / Perennials

Echinops ritro - Globe Thistle

Proper Name: Globe Thistle (Echinops ritro). Soft Violet-Blue Globes on Tall, Vigorous Plants! Blooms all summer! Splendid in dried arrangements! A mass of bobbing Globe Thistles, their softly-colored heads adding valuable blue color to the garden, is a spectacular sight in the summer sun! Ranging in …

Cynara scolymus - Globe Artichoke Plants / Other

Cynara scolymus - Globe Artichoke

Globe Artichokes were cultivated by the Greeks and Romans who obtained them from North Africa. They have been grown in England since at least the 1500 s and were considered an aristocratic vegetable. King Henry VIII (1491-1547; he who had 6 wives but could produce only 3 children) was particularly fond …