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William Robinson: The Wild Gardener

The Wild Gardener | Like his contemporary Gertrude Jekyll, William Robinson made enormous contributions to the world of gardening. More than any other gardener, he was responsible for sweeping out the rigid Victorian style and ushering in a more relaxed look that used native plants. Here, Richard Bisgrove …

Antique Roses for the South Other / Books

Antique Roses for the South

Belinda s Dream, Katy Road Pink and Georgetown Tea, the names alone evoke images of glorious cottage gardens and arching trellises laden with perfumed blossoms. In this revised edition, rose expert Bill Welch updates the latest information and top sources for antique roses. …

Kerria japonica 'Honshu' - Japanese rose Plants / Deciduous Shrubs

Kerria japonica 'Honshu' - Japanese rose

Kerria japonica - Japanese Kerria Family: Rosaceae (Ker-ria: named for William Kerr, Kew Gardener and Collector) Kerria japonica is a hardy (Zone 5) deciduous shrub that matures at 3 to 5 feet in height. It s a dense mounded plant with numerous slender, zigzagging branches that emerge at ground level. …