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How to Divide Hostas? Plants / Perennials

Hosta lancifolia

Early Spring is the best time of year to dig your hostas up and divide them. Usa a garden fork and loosen the soil gently right around the hosta clump then gently place your fork in below the clump and lift it up give it a shake with the fork to loosen the soil. I prefer to wash the clump this serves …

Epiphyllum ackermannii - Orchid Cactus Plants / Sukulents, Cactuses

Epiphyllum ackermannii - Orchid Cactus

What we commonly call epiphyllums today are actually hybrids of epiphytic cacti species native to the jungles of Central and South America, as well as Mexico. The word epiphyllum in Greek means upon the leaf and the flowers appear to bloom directly on the leaves. Jungle cacti, however, have no leaves; …