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Erigeron 'Azure Fairy' - Fleabane Plants / Perennials

Erigeron 'Azure Fairy' - Erigeron, Fleabane

Type: Herbaceous perennial, Flowers: Lavender, Comments: Azure Fairy Fleabane blooms from mid-summer into fall. Set the plants 12 inches apart in a sunny area and any well-drained soil. The plant can be used in light, sandy soil. Remove the old flowers as they fade to obtain additional flowering. It …

Actaea Racemosa - Black Cohosh Plants / Perennials

Actaea Racemosa - Black Cohosh

Fairy Candles, Black Cohosh, Bugbane - Actaea Racemosa This North American native originates from the eastern part of the US. It is no great surprise that is has been honored with the Royal Horticultural Society s Award of Garden Merit as the elongated bottle-brush spires borne on tall stems in late …