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Cercis siliquastrum - Judas Tree Plants / Deciduous Trees

Cercis siliquastrum - Judas Tree

The most extravagant flowering small tree we know. Simply drips with rose-pink flowers from every conceivable point along the branches and trunk, then gives an encore by producing a mass of purple pods in the Autumn. Frost hardy tree. Prefers sun. …

Wildflowers 2008 Other / Books

Wildflowers 2008

The welcome, reassuring sight of wildflowers brings unexpected pleasures throughout the year. Sometimes subtle, sometimes extravagant, these random, uncultivated plants turn up in meadows, forests and mountain valleys, on riverbanks and roadsides, and in parks and swamps. They blanket entire fields in …

Exotic Planting for Adventurous Gardeners Other / Books

Exotic Planting for Adventurous Gardeners

Christopher Lloyd was one of the world s most outspoken and adventurous gardeners. In this, his last book, he offers his unique perspective on creating hot and steamy planting schemes wherever you garden. It features his most extravagant plantings in the famous borders and pot displays that delight and …